Recent Years of Good Output
The last handful of years have been an outpouring of musical inspiration for me.  I feel I wrote some of my strongest material, ranging from classical guitar compositions, finger picking tunes, to writing pop songs.  I have also compiled most all my finger picking tunes in a notation book that also has tablature.  In 2017-18 I released a couple of my photography books (sold at

LEAVES  - single released January 2018.  A song with lots of guitar, a powerful message, and beautiful chords not commonly used. A tune with a great beat, tapped out on the guitar body. Help support my music efforts and check out the song at amazonmp3, cdbaby, itunes and many more download locations Press link here: .

MEDICINAL GUITARRA Ray's original, classical-style compositions.  Music medicine for your whole being. Use the same link as above to view this album.

The Moonlight Towers Documentary
  I am proud to say that my guitar picking tunes have been selected for background music in a documentary.  The project is due to be released in Sept 2016 by a company in Austin Texas where the remaining Moonlight Towers exist. Their plans are to have it also shown on PBS.

A New Album released in April 2017.
Pop tunes, rock-n-roll, easy-listening rock, fills the new music project my brother Kevin and I have put together. I am glad to say we have some very powerful tunes with some great messages and controversial, on a couple tracks. 
                  When the album artwork and titles are finished, I will post them here for you. We will also have the videos of the new songs up on You Tube. In my gut, I know these strong songs will get recognition, to some degree. Let's hope it's big! Check the Store page for the link to CDbaby.

You Tube Success
 I have been on YT since the first year it came out.  I have reached over 3,500 subscribers and counting, with 1,550,000 views and way beyond. People seem to like my finger picking arrangements and oddly enough some of my Atonal Music. Some of the most-viewed videos are the Atonal ones. I have over 200 videos on You Tube for you.  Visit raytutajjr on YT.

Albums: "In my Hometown"  and "Take a Bite Out of Life."
                 These are available at CD baby. The music  heard on those two projects are acoustic rock and also features my brother Kevin on drums. You can visit his you tube channel too.
We also did an album called "Paths of the World" which represents my heavy rock side. Also available on CD baby or itunes.

Classical Guitar Album --In progress
 Will I ever get it done? Well yeah, it's basically done, and I was hoping to raise enough funds on Indiegogo to get all the tracks into the hands of a master engineer and send it to Disc makers to get it professionally packaged. That would have cost about $6,000 to do a double album. That hope was dashed-to-pieces because nobody cared, except for four people. I admit I was absolutely horrible at advertising and promoting the project. But I am only one guy, and I'm getting tired. It was hurtful to see so many "likes" on Facebook with a thumbs up for my project when I advertised there. Nobody from facebook donated a dime to the project. Oh well, I am over that. People are busy, and they don't care for the most part. They have their iphones to worship.  Hey! That's okay. I will admit my failures along with my successes. I guess folks don't care too much about classical guitar music that can help them relax, and listen to music that is a bit sophisticated. Nevertheless. I WILL COMPLETE THIS PROJECT! Hell yes! Even if I am the only one that listens to it. Of course there will be a few more listeners and for them it will be worth it. If only one person shows up for a concert, I will play for them as if the hall is packed.
   To those who did donate, I THANK YOU! I have already sent you the tracks and the extras I promised. I will send you the final master someday when I complete this 25-year project. Classical Guitar music is not rock n roll. It takes decades of intense practice and focus to execute some of the music. I have posted some of the works on You Tube. 

The "Guitar Journey Book" and "How to Finger Pick Guitar"
       I have three good sellers, the two above and my Right Hand Finger Picking DVD. You can look them over at my website at or here on this site.  I have literally sent copies of these titles all over the world. The Guitar Journey Book on CD only is updated and looking better than ever. I am very proud of that music book I began in 2001. The newest music book (ebook only on Amazon) is called How to Finger Pick Guitar Like the Best. I have compiled the most important and vital patterns for finger picking and put them in this volume.  Be sure to check that out too in my store. Also go to Amazon ebooks and type in my name and see what comes up. Ray Tutaj Jr.


I think if people seen my photography books (available on they would see a side of me that I am extremely passionate about. I find beauty in people, places and things. Over the years I have photographed a vast array of subjects. I have more to come.

Minimalism: My Journey to Minimalism.  From 2013-2018 I have spent much time and energy on down-sizing my life. I have gotten rid of lots of stuff. I am going to try to live with as little as possible. The house is currently up for sale (Sept 2018) and I am hoping to move to Arizona for my health. This journey to minimalism has taken over me and we'll see where it leads. I have posted some videos on the subject on You Tube, so you can watch my progress, my successes and failures. 

THANK YOU SO MUCH!  I appreciate those who have listened to my music. and purchased my products on my websites and, cdbaby, and itunes.