Ray Tutaj Jr.

    Welcome to my world of music and more!  I love to be behind the guitar and perform solo gigs and you can see me perform in my many  You tube videos if you hit the links-button above. Other links take you to my many other interests.
      Musically, I love many styles, from Rock to Classical, but especially finger style guitar.  Trying to get the guitar to sound like a "one-man-band" has been what I like to do.

    Visit my other websites and explore my entire world of music, art, railroad model building, my Guitar Lesson book (Guitar Journey), railroading images, paintings and other photography. Visit my amazon.com page and see the many photography books available.
   Over the years, I have collaborated with my brother, Kevin, to create and produce four albums.  Our latest is called, "Many, Many Miles," and other album  titles include: "In my Hometown," "Take a Bite Out of Life," and the hard-rockin,' "Paths of the World."   All are available at CD baby or iTunes, too. I also have "Medicinal Guitarra" available, which are my own compositions, written in a classical guitar-style. Explore and discover my world and my passions!

In my "STORE" (button above), I have music and sheet music tabs, plus DVDs on finger picking. More items can be found at my website too, at: http:guitarjourney.tripod.com

I am always busy working on new music projects. My most recent one is the "How to Fingerpick Guitar" ebook.  My other popular products are the Guitar Journey book on CD and my finger picking lessons DVD.  I have spent decades teaching guitar and I love to help others become better players. Mostly, my presence is on You Tube and Vimeo and I do gig occasionally. I spend a lot of time in internet sale and have shipped my music products all over the world.  I really appreciate all the nice comments folks have left. It means a whole bunch to me. You inspire me!

The reason for the little donate button below is to help pay for the cost of this site, along with my Guitar Journey website. It sure helps. Plus, keep in mind, on You Tube I have always been commercial-free, unless YT puts an ad up without my approval. Therefore I don't make any $ through YT even though I have over 300 videos uploaded. Yes, I could be making some $, but I simply detest advertisements that are forced upon me, I will not subject my viewers to the onslaught of ads. So, I am kind of like PBS, and I depend on viewers like you to keep me going. People visit my sites, and often buy something, too, which helps immensely. 

Thanks for being here!

If you have any questions or requests please contact me at gjourney1@yahoo.com
If it is urgent and you need to call me here is my # 815-224-0075 Leave a message if I don't get to the phone and I will get back to you.


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